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Wordpress Development has been proved a unbeaten blog solution in the domain of web designing and development. It has rapidly grown and helped CMS Development significantly in gaining popularity. Moreover, It provided developers to play their game on its own pitch, because it is a open source and comes with GPL. Till now, developers have so much contributed in its functionality that it has become capable to provide a CMS solution for almost all kind of requirements. The Wordpress Development Team at Xieno has acquired a growth along with the growth of Wordpress itself. Our team is capable of providing almost any kind of solution, possible, in Wordpress. Despite of its powerful Bloging opportunity our Wordpress portfolio is consist of eCommerce Solutions, Photo Gallery, Social Networking, Link Directory, CMS enabled Informative Portal etc. Our team members are so efficient and quick, that can deliver any of such solutions in an unexpected short span of time and with an extra edge quality.

  • Wordpress Blog Design
    Everybody is aware and fan of the cool, friendly and cutting edge Bloging platform of Wordpress and every second geek on net wants one for himself/herself. Though, many galleries of good quality free themes are here on just one click away. But, still, there is a significantly big league of professional, corporate, hobbistic and authority blogers who want a unique design for their Blog site. But it is not a matter of putting some images and text on a page to configure a customized theme on a Wordpress Blog. Fortunately, We have practiced this art to an extent where we can be considered as master of the art. We have delivered various creative and web 2.0 compatible themes, designed for Wordpress Blogs and would love to do it for you at a much affordable price.
  • Wordpress Real Estate Websites
    A Real Estate Portal is basically a handshaking platform where people seeking suitable property or premises for rent or purchase can find details of such available property and premises. Eventually Wordpress provides an opportunity to create such a portal with user-friendly features of Content Management. Though it is not that simple to create such a solution with Wordpress, but our Wordpress Development Team is capable to deliver such solutions at a great productive pace in comparison to a customized solution prepared for the same.
  • Wordpress CMS Websites
    Wordpress is no longer just a tool for blogging. It’s a great solution to use as a Content Management System. If a CMS solution required with all the ease of use and control ability, Wordpress is the best solution. Using Wordpress as a CMS also provides an opportunity to use suitable Plugins from its extensive gallery to enhance its functionality, user experience and search engine acceptance. Developing such modules for a customized solution may lead timeframe and budget of project to a mammoth size.
  • Wordpress Magazine Themes
    Technically, magazine themes are no different than regular themes, but there are simply more coding efforts involve in it. Similarly there are more options available when we look at the features and functionality area. However, there are several distinct characteristics of these themes that make them stand out when you dissect the different types of blogs competing in the same niche. Magazines themes are gaining popularity rapidly these days and are already being used for both Personal as well as professional blogs. The misconceived perception that these themes are only for blogers is blurring very quickly now a days and people are adopting them for a website on every possible theme. Wordpress provides stunning opportunity and user-friendly interface to create, customize and maintain such a website that to on a significantly productive pace.
  • Wordpress Affiliate Themes
    WordPress has become the content management system (CMS) of choice for not just blogs, but also websites and even landing pages and review sites for affiliate marketers. A Wordpress Affiliate Theme is a theme, which allows us to easily build a wide variety of dynamic affiliate marketing pages and websites in Wordpress. In Wordpress, Affiliate Themes can be created with a variety of layouts and styles with unmatched ease of use. Because, the feature of RSS feed is inbuilt in the software itself, It becomes possible to letting everyone know about each and every new page or post on the site. Google and other search engines always give waitage to the sites built with RSS feature included and ranks them higher and quickly in comparision to the site not having these features.

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